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International organization Amirov engaged in software development, investing in developing projects and a partner of many companies.

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This is the main part of the departments in the organization, there are also many different others that are part of the Amirov Group.


This is an international global department that unites other subsidiaries and partner companies of Amirov Group.


Creative studio for the development of Internet projects, financing and support of Internet resources.


Storage and provision of files for Internet projects. Amirov Network is a data center in different countries.


Our company has a large base of projects that we have carried out together with our partners. Join!

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Our company has extensive experience in startups, we started and entered more than 400+ Internet projects, of which 80+ became successful for their level. I prefer to judge by the experience of failure, because after going through all the difficulties, invaluable experience is gained for the perfect project.

Artur Amirov


This organization was founded by Artur Amirov, in fact, hence the name of the group comes from the name of the creator. Initially, the organization was engaged in the development of sites, or rather Internet projects, starting startups. Then a company was organized to develop sites for clients, performing a full range of work in the field of Internet marketing, ADVERTISING (Contecstual, targeting) and so on. But then the Digital Agency grew into a large organization that develops its own online projects on the network and invests in the development of startups. Amirov Group was divided into many subsidiaries, which now exist independently of the main organization, so you can also order website development, but already in our subsidiary.